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Quite possibly one of the most inconvenient major kitchen appliances to malfunction is the refrigerator.

So when you are experiencing problems with your refrigerator or refrigerator parts, don't put off contacting us!

We are accustomed to helping get our customers out of these inconvenient situations. Contact us as soon as you detect a potential problem with your appliance. We can handle the smallest to the largest jobs.

Refrigerators aren't easy, and can be dangerous to try to fix on your own, unless you are a professional. Our local technicians service all brands and models of refrigerators.

We are currently providing best refrigerator repair in Encinitas CA and the surrounding areas. We arrive to your home ready to work efficiently and effectively to service your refrigerator repairs and refrigerator parts as promptly as possible.

Since your refrigerator is quite easily the most essential major appliance in your kitchen, it's important to not delay in having you refrigerator repairs completed. Furthermore, it's important to protect your perishable food items by having routine maintenance performed on your refrigerator, especially if your appliance is older.

As you know, when your refrigerator stops working, you stand to lose all of the items stored within which is not only frustrating, but costly. Life is busy enough, no use crying over spoiled milk, contact us today! You'll be glad you called the professionals to handle your refrigerator repair service.

We're fast, efficient, and experienced in diagnosing and fixing your refrigerator repair needs.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Many fridge problems start with an accumulation of mineral deposits, frost or ice. Whether the icemaker isn't working right or the water dispenser runs dry: Something obvious will cause these issues, in hindsight of course. Clear out the water inlet valve, saddler valve and other components that take on water and use a hairdryer to quickly defrost any ice in the water inlet tube. Check and maintain these parts frequently to avoid permanent damage to other parts, such as the icemaker motor. Such a problem is a costly repair, especially for a part that many neglect in the first place.


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